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 Come Volunteer With Us!

There's little that inspires us more than our volunteers, who donate their precious time and efforts to so many aspects of our organization. We currently have about 200 incredible volunteers, and several of them have volunteered with us for decades.

If you’d like to join us, we’d love to hear from you. Volunteer opportunities are available off-site as well as at our Center City Philadelphia headquarters. We provide training wherever it’s required.

Current requirements include a State Police Criminal Record Check and Drug Screening Test.

Click on any Volunteer Opportunity for more information:

In the Braille Department:

Other Departments:

If you’re interested in any of our volunteer positions, contact Linda Gaffney at lgaffney@asb.org


Braille Transcriber  Back to Top
Purpose: To transcribe print material into braille for clients.


  • Transcribe textbooks for school students.
  • Transcribe textbooks for college students.
  • Transcribe job-related material for clients.
  • Transcribe individual requests, such as instruction manuals, cookbooks, and computer manuals.
  • Transcribe books for the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.
  • Proofread material before it is submitted.
  • Correct work after is read by proofreader.

Qualifications: Braille certification required from the Library of Congress with either:

  1. Brailling using translation program or
  2. Direct brailling proficiency on personal computer

Training: For Translation Program - Sessions totaling approximately 12 hours. Additional training required for music and mathematics transcription.

Time: To produce a minimum of one volume of braille per month.


Copyholder  (Return to Top)

Purpose: To check accuracy of braille.

Tasks: Read print copy, including punctuation with a blind proofreader.

Qualifications: Good reading and English skills. Good enunciation.

Training: First three hours on the job.

Time: Minimum of half-day weekly


Binding and Thermoform  (Return to Top)

Purpose: To thermoform and bind braille books.


  • Break books into volumes.
  • Do title pages and labels.
  • Check accuracy of information (typed and brailled).
  • Check pagination.
  • Punch paper.
  • Bind books.
  • Keep records.

Qualifications: Be able to follow procedures accurately, think on your feet. Knowledge of braille is helpful, but not required.

Training: On the job. Total time: 12 hours.

Time: Minimum of 4 hours weekly


Office Staff Braille Transcriber  (Return to Top)

Purpose: Oversee braille transcription work.


  • Assign and send work to transcribers.
  • Formatting when necessary.
  • Process work submitted by transcribers.
  • Send work to proofreaders.
  • Check proofreaders reports.
  • Send work to be corrected to transcriber.
  • Collate pages of completed transcription.
  • Run off braille disks on embossers.
  • Punch paper.
  • Keep records.
  • Field questions on the telephone.
  • Produce newsletters.
  • Submit monthly reports to Director of Custom Braille.
  • Schedule/format semi-annual workshops.

Qualifications: Braille certification required from the Library of Congress. Proficiency with direct brailling on computer and/or brailling with translation program.

Training: On the job.

Time: Minimum of two days per month.


Professional Reader/Clerical Assistant  (Return to Top)

Department: Specialized Services

Purpose: To assist the blind or visually impaired professional in the performance of his or her duties as an employee.


  • Read correspondence and other print material.
  • Record print material.
  • Act as transcriber in the completion of printed forms, etc.
  • Proofread typed documents.
  • Assist, as needed, in editing material.
  • Provide access to print material.
  • Assist with filing.

Qualifications: Command of the English language; understanding of office etiquette and office skills; dependability; interest in people; willingness to keep personal information confidential.

Training: On the job.

Time: Flexible.


Shopper/Escort  (Return to Top)

Department: Specialized Services

Purpose: To assist blind or visually impaired individuals in shopping and escort services.


  • Escort client to nearby facility, either on foot, by public transportation,or in automobile.
  • Escort client through store, reading labels and prices as desired.
  • Locate desired items.
  • Escort client home or back to the agency with purchases.
  • Identify items so that client may label them appropriately.

Qualifications: Ability to read prices and labels in store; sufficient physical stamina to perform necessary tasks; dependability; interest in people.

Training: To learn proper sighted guide techniques.

Time: Flexible, but no more than 3 hours at one time.


Office/Clerical  (Return to Top)

Purpose: To raise funds that support the various services of ASB.


  • Collate materials for mailing.
  • Label envelopes.
  • Sort, stuff, and seal collated materials.

Qualifications: Enjoy general office work and a desire to assist in the process of generating new income to support services that ASB provides.

Training: Simple on-the-job instructions.

Time: At least 2 hours minimum.

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