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Agency Services

ASB Services: Tools That Help Rebuild Lives

Every aspect of an individual's life is affected with the onset of blindness or visual impairment. All too often we've witnessed clients experience a devastating loss of self-esteem and independence, which can then lead to isolation, despair and poverty. Emotionally, socially, economically, physically...everything changes.

At ASB, we know that education, training and support are critical to helping clients overcome their fears and realize their strengths. Our comprehensive range of services challenges clients to adaptively rehabilitate, re-educate and re-create themselves so that they can lead fulfilling, productive lives.

To explore any of our services in depth, click on the highlighted link.

  • Human Services deals directly with the physical, emotional and social problems created by blindness and visual impairment.
  • Alternative Formats provide the blind and visually impaired access to the resources and information that most people with sight take for granted.
  • Lighthouse of the Blind offers financial grants for purchasing special, adaptive equipment to those in need.
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