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School children visiting our Braille Production Plant
Conveniently located in Center City - Downtown Philadelphia, PA
Our Gardening Program is challenging and enjoyable!
Guide Dog Appreciation Day at ASB. These service animals know why they're there!
The Philadelphia Phillies take time out to recognize one of their many visually impaired fans!
Vision loss isn't the end of the road - it's a new road and we're here to help!

Who We Are? serving the blind & visually impaired

asb frontIf you’ve been affected by blindness or visual impairment, know someone who has, or if you’re just seeking information, you’ve come to the right place.

ASB is a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring self-esteem, independence and self determination among people who are blind or visually impaired.

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What We Do? promote self-esteem & independence

rehab tourAdapting to life with little or no vision can be a daunting challenge. Fear and uncertainty can be overwhelming. Even a lifelong home can suddenly become foreign and perilous. In blindness or visual impairment, much of what a sighted person takes for granted needs to be relearned in a completely new way.

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What You Can Do? we depend on you!

volunteer giftWe’re dedicated to the work we do and the people we serve, but we can’t do it without help. The services, education and support that we offer are possible, in large part, thanks to the generosity of those who give their time or financial resources.

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Patricia Russell: ASB’s Superwoman Extraordinaire with a Passion for Giving Back!


Philadelphia, PA, Thursday, July 31st ---- Patricia Russell of Germantown, PA, became a client of ASB in September 2004 after a diagnosis of retinopathy from diabetes left her completely blind. Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in
industrialized nations. Not discouraged by her blindness, Patricia sought a way to work with her new limitations and overcome the odds. And overcome she did!

“When I first came to ASB, my teacher said something to me that I will never forget,” said Patricia. “She told me that ASB is here to provide the tools to help me learn how to make adjustments and work with my limitations in maintaining my lifestyle. I was told ASB is not a crutch to lean on and lose yourself in, but rather an instrument to help find a way back into the community and to continue leading an independent life.”

Through hard work and dedication, Patricia Russell graduated from ASB’s Specialized Services class, Life Skills and Education in Diabetes, in May 2006. These classes teach individuals who are blind or visually impaired the skills they need to function independently at home, at work, and in the community. Following her graduation, Patricia advanced to ASB’s Life Skills 3 class. Although she was initially unsure of herself and her abilities, Patricia has taken the training she received in independence and self-determination to heart.

Patricia has never been one to sit back and let the world move on without her. Oh no. She was not about to let her vision impairment prevent her from participating in the activities that she loved. She became involved in as many activities as she possibly could inside ASB as well as outside in her community.

Within ASB’s walls, Patricia is an active member of ASB’s Ambassadors program and was extremely instrumental in helping ASB rectify a funding issue for its Specialized Services Program through lobbying. ASB’s Specialized Services Program includes life skills education, support groups, Latino outreach, urban gardening, personal adjustment to blindness, the drop-in center, and orientation & mobility.

Patricia also serves on the SEPTA Advisory Committee for Accessible Transportation for those with disabilities (this is her second year), and is the group facilitator for ASB’s Inspirational group, the senior link which is a support group for individuals 50 years and older, the diabetes support group, and the alumni group.

“Pat Russell is an amazing woman and truly inspirational,” said ASB CEO & President, Patricia C. Johnson. “Her dedication not only to ASB, but also the community is incredible. Her selflessness, dedication, compassion, and spirit are so motivating and infectious to those she meets and whose lives she touches. Pat has a wonderful spirit, a generous heart, and I am truly blessed to know her.”

Outside of ASB, Patricia is an internationally ordained minister and is in her third year at Jameson’s School of Ministry. Patricia serves on the Board of Directors for the Strawberry Mansion Health Center as well as their Fundraising Chairperson. She is the Vice President of the missionary ministry and superintendent of Sunday
school at St. Andrew’s Fellowship Baptist Church. Patricia also participates in art classes at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Patricia gives back to her community and those in need.

Patricia has been married to her wonderful husband, Douglas, for 19 years and has a daughter, Rosita Miller, living in Atlanta, GA.

According to Patricia, “The most important thing I’ve learned from being at ASB is to give back and lead through example. And I say to those out there with any handicap or disability – where there’s a will there’s a way.  Through God, you can find your way. Life is not over. When you wake up in the morning, there is still life.”

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our mission smAssociated Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ASB) is a private non-profit organization created to promote self-esteem, independence and self-determination in people who are blind or visually impaired.


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